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Friday, February 03, 2006  

I cannot understand that I did not open the new blog year until now...where did the time go?
I cannot describe how it is to Danish outside Denmark these days. It is very surreal - I can see in the Danish medias that the Mohammed cartoons take up a lot of space...but here in the Netherlands it is mentioned now and then. It is known but not central news down here. I guess distance also can be a filter in this sense.

Taking a walk always brings interesting pictures along:

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Trying to make the central heating work again.




Susana Tosca (My former advisor)

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books on my desk:

Michael Argyle:
"The Psychology of Interpersonal Behavior"

Danii Elkonin:
Legens Psykologi (The Psychology of Play)

Erving Goffman:
"The presentation of Self in Everday Life"

Erving Goffman:
"Behavior in Public Places"

Erving Goffman:
"Frame Analysis"

Lisbeth Klastrup:
"Towards a Poetics of a Virtual World" (not yet in press)

Edward Hall:
"The Hidden Dimension"

update Feb. 23



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